In Bloom no longer involved in closed churchyard work due to lack of support

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IT is with much regret and great sadness that Holbeach in Bloom has taken the decision that it will no longer be involved in the planting of the barrels, grounds and troughs in Holbeach closed churchyard or the troughs surrounding the War Memorial. This will cease with immediate effect.

Volunteers from the previous Pride in Holbeach and the newly formed Holbeach in Bloom have struggled to get the parish council to maintain the grounds which are essentially its responsibility and other than the grass cutting which it undertakes, feel it has relied heavily on our volunteers to do work which its employees are paid to do.

Despite holding a meeting with the current chairman of the parish council to discuss the way forward and subsequent requests made for small gardening jobs to be done by the gardener, we still find that, other than the work we do to maintain our flower beds, no other weeding or tidying is being done and we are continually questioned by members of the public as to why no-one, other than our volunteers, spends time gardening etc in this area.

This was highlighted recently when a member of the public was spotted sweeping the paths ‘because quite simply no-one else bothers to do it.’

We hope that everyone who has appreciated our efforts in the past will understand the frustration we feel due to the lack of co-operation from the parish council and will understand our reasons for handing back all responsibility of the closed churchyard.

It is not that we do not want to do it but feel that this is the only way we can get through to the council that we are fed up with being taken for granted.

We will continue to plant the other areas in the town and supply hanging baskets for the many businesses that have loyally supported us and wish to thank everyone who has helped us this year.



Holbeach in Bloom