IMMIGRATION: Poles fought from first day to last

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In reply to comments from John Dexter and Lee Spruce on December 18 (Free Press) and 27 (Guardian)respectively.

It would have been nice if both would have had their facts correct before putting pen to paper.

Read the book “First to Fight.” Poland fought from the first day of World War Two to the last.

Some 500,000 Poles fought under British command – the fourth largest army in the fight against Germany.

The AK Polish resistance, which numbered 400,000, were the third largest resistance movement.

The Polish 2nd Corp fought the bloodiest battle, gaining victory at Monte Casino.

No 303 Polish squadron in the RAF clocked up the highest allied scores during the Battle of Britain and, last but not least, the Polish navy fought with distinction in many successful operations.

Yes, some Poles were subject to conscription into the German army , but many defected to join Polish formations, as mentioned above, in the fight against oppression.

Carolina Gruchlik

West Pinchbeck