I support the strike action, but not based on ageism

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RE: the story “Strike is for the children” in last week’s Lincolnshire Free Press.

The content of this article seems to present an argument based on ageism.

Stress-related illness is not exclusively age-related. Whether they are “forced to” or not, are teachers seriously suggesting that any teacher over 60 employed in our schools and colleges is seen by parents as a bad thing?

If you are, then perhaps you should consider the feelings of those currently over 60 and in their late 60s who have done and continue to do fine work in our schools, colleges and universities.

I think any argument based on ageism is a false one and to further say, on that basis, in a letter to parents that by raising the retirement age ‘children may not be guaranteed to get the quality of education they deserve’ is more than a little insulting to all those who do work beyond retirement age.

Although these particular arguments lack validity I think the teachers’ strike will be strongly supported because the mood is fast changing in Britain as the public recognises the injustice of government fiscal policy to deal with debt.

How can politicians claim that we are all in this together without appearing to defend the rich by asking low paid, hard working public sector workers to pick up the bill for their economic failure and mismangement?

Why is it teachers and others should work longer and with less favourable employment conditions when bankers’ bonuses are still paid from taxpayers’ pockets and MP’s continue to maximise an over-generous allowance system, put their wives on the payroll and award themselves extravagant pensions for minimum periods of employment?

No wonder we have a now “broken” Britain! A place where debt is growing faster than the economy. A place where regressive taxation puts the burden on the lowest paid and poorest. A place where CEOs’ pay, in the private and public sector, is the manifestation of false entitlement and greed.

For too long we have all ignored the signs of corruption that have bred in this society apathy and indifference. Surely a revolution is needed to correct this cultural aberration that has led to our current economic situation.

If it takes strike action by workers to help remedy this situation then, I for one, am all for the teachers and others and I’m happy to support them.

david turp

Wimberley Way