I hope this refreshing scheme is a success

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It’s been a long time since I last felt compelled to write a letter to the local paper, but I just wanted to let you know how refreshing I found it to read about the good people of the region rallying around to help others this Christmas (last week’s feature on the food and furniture donation schemes).

I am finding it increasingly distasteful to hear so many people talking only of all the money they’re spending on gifts this year, and the pressure they feel to find that perfect toy or present this festive season.

And even the expensive items they’ve asked others to buy for them!

Every time I switch on the TV or radio I’m bombarded with adverts for things that are simply too expensive for most of us scrimping to pay this month’s gas bill or to put decent meals on the table for our families.

You may call me Scrooge if you wish but I actually really love my version of Christmas.

Instead of enduring the torture of Christmas shopping madness I’m pledging to spend time with the people closest to me doing fun things (a night or two away with my boyfriend, a long walk in the woods or on the beach wrapped up against the cold, a lingered-over meal with our parents) instead of racking my brain to decide which colour socks my dear old pa would like to receive this year before they get filed in a drawer for the rest of the year!

So next time I’m doing my grocery shop, I for one will be buying a little extra something for the foodbank donation point; it’s a great idea and makes others’ Christmas just a little bit more colourful.

I really do hope that this sort of scheme catches the imagination of all of us who can manage to do just this one small thing.

Emma Spridgen

Rotten Row