I didn’t choose the headline

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Further to my letter published in last week’s Spalding Guardian I would like to apologise if the title given to my letter caused offence.

The title was not mine but chosen by the Guardian.

My intention was not to make a big point in objecting to Councillor Taylor giving money to Broad Street Church but that if he could give to a church event then Councillor Grocock should be allowed to donate to a cause he feels is worthy.

I still support Councillor Grocock in wanting to help our wildlife.

Michele Franks

Holbeach St Johns

l EDITOR: Michele’s exact words in the Guardian letter were: “If Coun Gary Taylor can give £400 of my money to Broad Street Methodist Church Christmas Day event, which I object to, why can Coun Grocock not give £500 of my money to help save one of Britain’s valuable wild animals?”

So I think the headline “I object to our money going to Broad Street Christmas day event” was fair, don’t you?