HEALTH: We should all support this campaign

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I wholeheartedly support your paper’s campaign to save the A&E department and maternity services at Boston Pilgrim Hospital.

I feel that if more local areas had A&E facilities this would help reduce the impact put on such a good facility as Pilgrim Hospital and its caring staff of Doctors and nurses.

I still feel that the new Johnson Hospital at Spalding, costing £20 million, did fall short of providing an A&E facility for the local 30,000 plus community.

Secondly, as warned in the national press recently by the Royal College of GPs chief Dr Maureen Baker, thousands of patients could be left without a GP as more than 500 surgeries face closure throughout the country due to a recruitment crisis.

Dr Baker warned that unless drastic action is taken to recruit more GPs, thousands of patients may be fored to travel to different towns to see their nearest doctor as 90 per cent of family doctors working in over 500 surgeries are over the age of 60.

I understand the government have pledged to recruit another 5,000 GPs and Labour have vowed to recruit another 8,000, but will promises be too late to solve the recruitment crisis?

Governments need to cut back on the bureaucracy that currently prevents qualified GPs from returning to work after a career break, and more graduates need to be encouraged.

If governments continue to cut health budgets we will see our valued NHS flood and the dam will fall apart when practices have to shut their doors.

The health service needs more funding to provide the increasing population a sustainable service and continued quality of care that the people of Lincolnshire deserve, I support my local paper and call on local MPs and councillors within our region to do the same.

Rodney Sadd