Has he stood there and looked around?

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I’ve just read in the Spalding Guardian that Coun Porter thinks it a good idea to dig up Victoria Street car park and turn it into a “proper town park, like the Sir Halley Stewart Field should have been”.

Has he stood in that car park and looked around? It’s dominated by the looming edifice of one of Spalding’s worst eyesores, the BT building.

There isn’t much open space and I can’t imagine why anybody would want to spend time there. That part of the town is hidden away, and a garden or park there would be under-used and not appreciated.

Its isolated location makes it the perfect place for crime and anti-social behaviour to flourish.

I wrote in an earlier letter that the best use for the Halley Stewart Field would be to create a public park, plenty of space right in the town centre.

Coun Porter appears to admit that this is what the field ought to be used for. So why not go ahead and do it then?

Exactly what hold does Corbo have over the council? Why have they now offered to spend £20,000 painting Chatterton Tower?

This is the responsibility of Anglian Water, nothing to do with Corbo. Anglian Water have said that painting the tower would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds so I’m not sure why Corbo think they can do it for so little.

Personally I think that Corbo is on a mission to sweeten the mood of Spalding’s residents, hoping to win approval for its planned development of the Halley Stewart Field.

Oh, and since I’ve mentioned the BT building, can BT either raze it to the ground or give it a coat of paint please?

Justin Dearnley

Wedgewood Drive