GASIFIER: Shame on those who support it

It’s good to see that our local MP John Hayes has raised his objections to the £300m gasifier/incinerator proposed for Wingland Enterprise Park, Sutton Bridge.

As a resident of Sutton Bridge I am not surprised that the planning manager/planning committee at South Holland District Council has recommended that the Prel application for the gasifier incinerator should be approved subject to conditions.

All conditions “should be met” before the application is considered for approval leaving anything “open ended” is akin to shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

I am not surprised that they have totally disregarded the wishes of parishioners who have unanimously rejected this project with a parish poll and a substantial petition.

I am not surprised that they have not given due consideration to the “Localism Act” –where is the democracy?

I am not surprised that they are supporting what I perceive to be bribes of a £250,000 cohesion fund.

I am not surprised that profit in the guise of “renewable energy” will be put before people’s health and wellbeing.

Residents of Sutton Bridge if you care about your health and wellbeing, your children’s health and wellbeing, your parents’ health and wellbeing, your grandparents’ health and wellbeing, please attend the planning meeting tomorrow at 6.30pm at South Holland District Council chambers at Priory Road, Spalding.

To the members of the planning committee who support “dirty industry” for Sutton Bridge – shame on you all.

Vicky Hills

New Road., Sutton Bridge