From now on I will be following the charity

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I AM writing to you once again due to all the responses to my letter regarding my disgust in Santa.

I fully understand what people are saying, that the charity does a good job, which I believe they do.

I must say I am nowhere near a Scrooge. If these people knew of me they would not be saying stuff like this.

It is nice to know that Jeremy Hudson, of Pinchbeck, had a lovely experience – good on him.

The whole reason I wrote the letter was to say that my family did not get the snow, the carols or someone knocking on our door to let us know Santa was coming.

So well done, Jeremy, you got the real deal – congratulations there.

Following my letter, the charity did come and pay a visit to my stepchild which was very much appreciated and very kind of them – they did not have to do that at all but they did so, from now on, I will be following the charity throughout the years and not just at Christmas.

So I will ask this – can people stop calling me in the paper?

Now if you do have something you would like to say please ask for my contact details as I am more than happy to tell you my experience this year with the charity.


Cygnet Court