FLY TIPPING: Gentleman completely misinformed

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With reference to the letter from Adrian Nind of Pinchbeck regarding fly tipping (Free Press, December 18), I’m afraid this gentleman has been completely misinformed.

South Holland District Council and therefore myself have no control over the operation of the West Marsh Road Waste and Recycling facility.

The district council and myself do however take full responsibility for the removing of fly tipping and the clearing of litter and rubbish from our streets and public open spaces.

If the gentleman would be kind enough to let me have a copy of the information he has received, I will ensure that the county council officer responsible does not continue to give out misleading information to the public.

I would also point out that the district council has no responsibility for traffic management.

Again this is the role of the county council.

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones

Portfolio holder for waste, recycling and green spaces