FLOODS: What about support for Surfleet?

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So South Ferriby has neighbours collecting for those who were flooded in their area.

Boston flood victims get a 50 per cent reduction in council tax without asking.

And Hull has the Government batting for them against the insurance companies refusing insurance or raising the charge and excess for flood victims.

Yet we in Surfleet have an excess increase this year from £1,000 to £10,000 without even claiming.

What do we get in the South Holland District? Go on, guess. I think you will find the second word of two is all. Someone from South Holland District Council turned up at Surfleet in 2009 then, obviously, the novelty wore off and were never seen on subsequent floods.

So much for support in a constituency, where, no matter what happens at election time the same party will be returned; unless one lives in the south or a Labour-controlled area, of course.

Roy Sell

Surfleet Seas End