Extend the compassion

In response to Robin Jones' letter (Lincolnshire Free Press, March 10), he is certainly not alone in feeling disgust at the killing and cooking of the wild turtle for Heston Bloomenthal's programme.

However, the fact that this was happening to a wild, possibly endangered animal, appears to be the main cause for his concern.

Unfortunately, the lack of compassion shown to this poor creature is no less than that shown to millions of farm animals, fish and any other animals killed for food every day.

The fact that chickens, pigs, cows, sheep etc, have been designated as "food animals" by human beings does not detract from their suffering.

Lives spent in windowless sheds, bodies made to grow abnormally fast, artificial insemination, babies taken away from mothers, rough handling and hours spent in transportation to slaughter houses are all forcibly endured by "food animals".

So, maybe Mr Jones would like to extend the compassion he felt for the turtle to all animals killed for food.

March is Animal Aid's Meat-free Month. I have left leaflets and recipes at Spalding library for anyone to take or go to www.animalaid.org.uk

Donna Burke

(Animal Aid local contact)

Wentworth Close