Excellent position, but too small

I believe that the Victoria Street car park is in an excellent position to be transformed into a garden area.

However, it is only about a quarter of the size of the Sir Halley Stewart Field and that is not like for like.

Were the council to contemplate giving up the field then there ought to be a lot of benefits coming to the people of the town over a long time, perhaps by renting the land to Corbo rather than selling it.

Apart from greening the Victoria Street car park, I would also leave a decent percentage of the Halley Field as a garden, pedestrianise Sheep Market – digging up the car park there for more green space but leaving access from Victoria Street through to The Crescent – and make sure that the toilets are brought back to the exemplary state they used to be kept in.

Nigel Wickenden

Buttercup Corner

Smithdale Close