Don’t judge Corbo book by its cover

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There is an old saying that “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” – a saying that I might suggest opponents to the proposed Holland Market development in Spalding should consider before putting their feelings into print.

I have no doubt whatsoever that Holland Market owners Corbo have done some serious homework and research before committing themselves to a project which will certainly be a very costly one.

Other than knowing that their plans centre on the Sir Halley Stewart Field and the possible relocation of Spalding United Football Club, none of us have any idea of the full extent of their re-development plans. I have a gut feeling that we all may well be pleasantly surprised.

It is common knowledge that the playing field in question was bequeathed to the town by Sir Halley Stewart and is governed by a trust.

I would further suggest that Corbo, in conjunction with South Holland District Council, have fully investigated the status of the Trust otherwise they would not be progressing, or even have started any dialogue relating to re-development.

I eagerly await the publication of their plans.

Ray Tucker