Don’t blame cyclists

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Oh dear oh dear – another letter from Mr N Bingham regarding cyclists riding on the pavements.

I am a cyclist and cycle into town every morning. I use the cycle paths where possible but am annoyed by people walking along the cycle paths.

They frequently walk three or four abreast. Sometimes young mums with pushchairs.

Perhaps Mr Bingham should realise pedestrians abuse the rights of cyclists, and the cyclists are not always to blame for breaking the Highway Code.

I admit that the council needs to implement more cycle paths in town, but would they be kept clear for the cyclists? I use the pavements along my route into town if there isn’t a cycle path.

As a young child I watched in horror my nan being dragged off her bike along Pinchbeck Road by an overtaking lorry as she cycled along. Ever since I have been reluctant to bike along the busy roads.

Mr Bingham quotes Spalding as being a “small town with traffic at a minimum”!

Has he been out recently? Traffic is still horrendous along the major routes into town. I will continue to use the pavements where a cycle path isn’t available until facilities are improved for my own safety.

Mrs LJ Thomas

West Elloe Avenue