DOG MESS: Seems there are three types of dog walkers

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As a regular user of our lovely Coronation Channel, one continues to be amazed by the actions of our dog loving community. Dog owners who walk the Coronation Channel appear to be split into three elements when considering their approach to responsible dog ownership.

There is of course the majority group who diligently clear up their dog’s mess and deposit it in the many provided bins for which we are all grateful. Then there are those who suffer temporary blindness each time their dog fouls, hence they are apparently unaware of the mess left behind by their dog and just leave the mess for others to walk in.

Lastly and most strangely we have the group who diligently collect the dog mess, bag it, but then find it too difficult to deposit the mess in the provided bags, preferring to deposit the mess bags around the litter bin areas but not actually in them. This of course allows the bags to split, a mess to form and even add to the litter from the polythene bags. It would be better not to even collect the mess than this irresponsible action, as at least the weather would eventually deal with the problem.

One wonders why after taking so much trouble of collecting the mess, that this sizable minority appear unable to achieve the last metre or so to the waste bins before depositing the contents. Come on dog owners please do use the waste facilities provided.

Wayne Seaborn