CYCLING: Rules need to be enforced on cyclists using our footpaths

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In reply to John Tippler (Spalding Guardian, August 21), thank you for bringing up this subject as in the past I seemed to be the only one complaining.

As the problem of cycling on paths gets worse and worse, now when I go out walking the dog I often see up to four people in groups riding on the pavement.

How intimidating is this for anyone walking on the path towards them? Fortunately for me on both occasions they were on the other side of the road.

The funny thing about it is 
(not funny) they were cycling down Pinchbeck Road on the path with the proper cycle lane on the opposite side of the road.

And we all know why they cycle on the paths and it is not as they say because the roads are to dangerous, as more often than not there is hardly any traffic on the roads.

It is so they do not have to stop and wait for traffic at give ways if there is any, or wait for traffic lights and cycle down one-way streets the wrong way. Rules need to be enforced on cyclists before they take over the paths completely, leaving pedestrians with nowhere 
to go but to walk on the 

Mr N Bingham