Crime: Second attack in a matter of weeks

Coun Nick Worth describes the attack on two Lithuanian men in Ayscoughfee as a “one-off” incident (Guardian, June 6).

He is not very attentive to the news.

Just a few short weeks ago, you reported a night-time attack on two Lithuanians in Double Street, in which one of them received serious head injuries.

I believe we are seeing the outcome of the persistent fostering of anti-immigrant sentiment by UKIP and others over the past few years.

Now, since the time of the council elections and in a sudden dawning of awareness, UKIP has half-heartedly sought to back-pedal.

In several interviews one or other of their members has said, ‘I’m not a racist, but....’.

However, there is no more certain badge of a racist than those opening words!

Coun Worth might have interceded earlier during that persistent campaign.

If he’s serious about wanting calm, he could now consider backing the activities of the “Hope not Hate” group, and also use his position more overtly to support its principles.

John Tippler

Pinchbeck Road, Spalding