Council continues to fail us

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So the council furtively put up another £2million pounds for the Red Lion Quarter without any public reference.

Who took this decision behind closed doors and was it approved by full council?

Why does the leader express such confidence in getting this money back into the council coffers?

How does he explain, with all the legal expertise at hand, that the Boston College are occupying the bulk of the premises with no lease and no rent.

He won’t even disclose what, if any, service charge is being made by the college.

What assurances does he have that the college, who could not raise its initial share of £2million, will be able to raise the £7million they will require to buy the property, or has he agreed they can have it at a knock down price. What a shambles.

Stand up and be counted all you councillors who were involved in this saga and perhaps even apologise.

Regarding the Halley Stewart field. This was given to the town in perpetuity.

Let us see the deed and see how the council think it can change this deed of gift without a court variation.

Will you publish this deed Mr Porter (council leader) or make it available for the public to go and see and read it in the council offices.

Finally, if as much thought had been given to the town centre park in Victoria Street as to the above, then we are in for an omnishambles.

In a dead part of town with no footfall or reason to go there why should we spend millions on a park in that area?

Perhaps we will be educated, with the council reasoning, probably after the event once again.

You are failing us South Holland District Council and we need some answers.

Stop insulting the public with throw away lines as reasoning and let us get to facts behind what has and is happening behind the closed doors.

Peter Rex

Sherwood Drive,