CORONATION CHANNEL: Quiet area is now a menacing environment

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Having read the article in the Lincolnshire Free Press regarding the resident who feels deprived of her right to walk her dog along the Coronation Channel path, I felt I needed to write to you to air my views.

My elderly parents are residents in the area and have seen what was a quiet, desirable area turned in to a noisy and menacing environment.

This has not happened recently, but the increase in vandalism and noise along that specific part of the Coronation Channel has been steadily building over the last four years.

There have been instances where beer cans, bottles and food have been thrown on to their property, and they have sustained damage to their own fencing.

On numerous occasions the people are swimming in the channel, breaking off tree branches and pulling up the shrubs which have been planted to prevent them from settling in the area. They then urinate wherever they feel like.

On numerous occasions they have felt the need to call the police to report this anti-social behaviour and they have been involved with meetings held with South Holland District Council, River Authority and the police.

John Hayes MP has also visited the site so that he can see first hand how serious the problem is.

The signs that are up already are being ignored. My mother’s health has been deteriorating due to the stress this situation has brought on, and is nervous to leave the house as she is uncertain what she will come home to.

The lady that feels deprived of her right to walk along the bank to walk her dog in my opinion has no rights as it is not a public right of way. This has been confirmed to my parents by the River Authority. The purpose of the Coronation Channel is for flood defences, not designed as an area for people to walk their dogs. Therefore it is vital for them and many of the other residents in the locality to have the area permanently fenced off as soon as possible so that a normal life can resume.

If the lady feels this strongly, why doesnt she walk her dog on the other side of the river bank?

M Roe