CARS: We have too many cars on our streets

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I note that for a town of 28,000, Spalding, like Lincoln, has an over-preponderance of cars, likewise most of them singly-driven.

This is mentioned because whilst we have country air along the river banks, these excess ‘horrors’ do occupy a lot of town space for parking. Pity, because when they stop moving they take up what should be parks and gardens.

Our county capital is in the same situation. Why? Excess imports. When we already have too many.

This is a sad return to the 1930s when GB, France and Germany were competing with USA, and like World War One led to another war. Very bad. Yet the powers that be still pump out oil as if it’s water and no-one wants these things parked on the concourse of their dwellings, as they take up oxygen space, which we humans thrive upon.

When we do get the House of Commons to import less we will all breath easier. And hopefully have cash left over for savings. The sooner the better.

John Fitchett