CAR BREAK-IN: Area is just not safe anymore

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I would like to warn other residents in Spalding to make sure they do not leave anything at all in their cars when parked on their driveway.

I was deeply shocked to find when leaving for work in a local school to see that someone had visited my driveway during the night and smashed the passenger side window of my car.

They took my work bag which contained raffle tickets for a Valentine’s raffle in aid of a cancer charity, chosen by the pupils along with a small amount of money donated.

I know it isn’t safe to leave anything in a car these days but I really thought I lived in a safe area.

They also took my boots, my squash racquet and a bag of sports clothes, so if anyone sees anything like this dumped in a dyke etc could you please inform the police who will contact me. I can offer a reward for the return of my bag etc.

I hope whoever has done this feels bad because I have been devastated all day knowing someone has my work bag and diary and has invaded my personal space.

I just don’t want to live in this area anymore. I feel I have been violated and it’s an awful feeling. I used to love this area and thought it was a safe place to live...not anymore.

Amanda Halifax