BUSINESS: Let’s boycott larger retailers

It’s interesting to read that Phil Scarlett, President of Spalding and District Chamber of Commerce, believes that Costa Coffee will revitalise the town centre.

On what research is this theory based?

The town centre already has over a dozen places to go and enjoy a coffee, many of these are independent retailers. How many of these independents will now suffer from bringing Costa to town?

The town has thousands of teenagers that are forced to shop out of town through a lack of decent shops like River Island, now Burtons and many other shops that are more likely to attract customers to town instead of Costa Coffee which is likely to close more shops than attract new ones.

It was only the other week that the papers were pushing to support Independent’s Day for the independent retailer. What exactly is the council doing for the independent retailer other than forcing them out of business bringing in multi-million pound competition in addition to over inflated rate increases year on year?

We are moving towards a town full of coffee shops, bookmakers and charity shops.

How is this expected to revitalise the town?

I say let’s boycott these large retailers and support independents more and try to bring back the traditional high street values that market towns once thrived on.

Wayne Mansfield