BT: A call to the chief executive does the trick

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I sympathise with John Ward over the problem of getting effective attention to BT broadband problems (Free Press, December 4).

The thing to do is to write to The Office of the Chief Executive, British Telecom, 81 Newgate Street, London, EC1A 7AJ. Explain that you’re writing to them because BT nowadays has no lower level of accessible management. Tell them your problem and experience of the service, and that they’re not fulfilling their contract with you, and that you want some effective action taken.

That usually seems to do the trick, and one can hope that eventually BT will stumble on the idea of having local service managers again.

The engineers, when they arrive, are usually very effective: it’s the cotton wool walls in between that are the problem. It’s not much use blaming the guys in the distant call centres: they’re just doing what they’re required and trained to do.

John Tippler

Pinchbeck Road