BIG IDEAS: Another bridge is needed to improve town traffic flow

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(Regarding your requests for big ideas for Spalding), we have only three road bridges over the river which bisects the town.

When one bridge is closed for repair the extra time and mileage involved in crossing the river is considerable – remember the problems caused by closing West Elloe bridge last year?

Improvements to traffic flow in and around Spalding can only be achieved by building another bridge over the river.

The existing bridges need upgrading: Little London bridge should be converted into a roundabout, either by widening the existing bridge, or building another bridge alongside the existing one.

Similarly a duplicate alongside High Bridge would speed up flow possibly with a modified eight control system.

This would also provide an alternative if the existing stone bridge were serviced. It is a marvel of Victorian engineering but may soon need attention as there is a crack in the keystone on the south side.

However, there is a bridge over the Welland which could be adapted, the railway bridge which carried the line to March is still in position – a bridge designed to carry trains should be adequate for road traffic.

The abutments (foundations) for the railway bridge carrying MGN line to Holbeach are still in position near the top of Balmoral Avenue, therefore a bridge, using these abutments would not be as expensive as a new project.

Ron Holloway