Attitude of the council isolates its residents

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I’m disappointed to read in the Lincolnshire Free Press that South Holland district councillor Roger Gambba-Jones has only just obtained information that the area of land alongside the railway at Green Lane is not owned by Network Rail.

This land has been the subject of complaints for the last two years due to it’s problem of abandoned household waste.

It was stated in a previous report that the councillor, over the last two years, had been trying to get Network Rail to clear it.

If Network Rail do not own the land then how were these claimed approaches possible?

Secondly, I made an offer through this paper to attend the area with a group of volunteers and clear the site of rubbish but had my offer rejected on the basis that Network Rail would not allow access.

Again, if it’s now admitted that Network Rail do not own the land, then this shows clearly that those wanting to assist their fellow residents and community in general were simply snubbed unnecessarily by the councillor.

The council needs to be working more closely with willing residents on projects within the community that promote a sense of unity as the current attitude of the council only further isolates us.

Adam McVeigh

Algers Walk