Ask the public what redevelopment they want or risk creating another white elephant

Regarding the report in the Spalding Guardian on green space provision by Julie Williams.

I can understand the concerns made by Spalding Civic Society chairman Robert West as to plans involving Holland Park, which include green areas not being made public until a formal application goes forward.

But the sports arena is where people could get confused even further because of several proposals that have been tabled in the past.

I am concerned over some points made by the leader of South Holland District Council Gary Porter.

He states that there are no plans to build on the Castle Field, then goes on to say that “perhaps part of the package might be the development of better sports or athletics facilities at the Castle Field”.

I can recall a few years ago the council was looking at plans to move the whole sporting facility off the Castle Complex and rebuild out of town – this was possibly too expensive as we were in recession.

Then a proposal was looked at to rebuild a sporting facilty on the current site, but would not include outdoor sports such as football and athletics, at a cost of £10million, which was mentioned in the report at the time.

Getting this redevelopment right is vital for the future needs of the growing community and the town centre.

Why don’t the council ask the public what they want instead of the possibility of creating a project that might end up as another white elephant for our town while still being in the grips of a recession?

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road