As we are understood, then we are able to understand others

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Thought For The Week

We all keep anniversaries for all sorts of reasons which are special to us – jobs, family events, birthdays, and special times.

Over the next few days many priests will be celebrating and remembering the anniversaries of their own ordinations. The most usual date for an ordination is on or around June 29 when the church and its bishops ordain deacons and priests.

It is the date for St Peter’s Day, the disciple which Our Lord Jesus made the chief apostle during his ministry on earth. It was in many ways an unusual choice picking this large fisherman for the Galilee.

Peter was like all of us, a person of weakness and faults. He got things wrong and who doesn’t do that? Peter betrayed Christ by pretending he didn’t know him during the trial. Have there ever been times when you have chosen not to speak out about something you believed was right?

Yet Peter was forgiven and chosen by Christ to lead his church and you may ask why? Well think a bit – Jesus loves us for who we are, not who we want to be, or pretend to be, but we are loved for who we are now.

We are accepted as we are and that gives us hope. That enables us to be compassionate to all around us because as we are understood we are able to understand others in return.

Fr Jonathan Sibley

Vicar Long Sutton St Mary