AIRFIELD: He needs to get himself a hobby

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I was astonished to read Mr Cranmer’s incorrect comments about our airfield at Gedney Dyke.

Original planning permission was obtained with the full consultation of the LPA, village members and outside organizations.

We paid for the national planning inspectorate to verify the use at the airfield. They allowed microlight use and removed all the conditions applied earlier, granted full permission for model aircraft use, allowed the quad bike track, and the use of all the buildings at the airfield.

A vast amount of hard work and effort has gone into the making of our airfield. It has become a fantastic asset to the local community, allowing anyone to learn to fly at minimal cost.

Mr Cranmer needs to accept the LPA’s decisions are made in the interest of the majority.

Living on the main road through Gedney Dyke, Mr Cranmer is fully aware of the noise of motor vehicles that pass by his home, lawn mowers, his washing machine, tumble dryer and his hoover. All making a lot more noise than our aircraft activities.

Wingland Aero Club promote a noise management policy, taking sound readings around the airfield area, which include Gedney Dyke.

We have never flown a 12 hour day. Our quad bike track is screened and cannot be heard 150 meters away, let alone half-a-mile away at his home.

Mr Cranmer, should focus on getting a hobby, thinking of others rather than himself, and who knows, he might even end up wanting to learn to fly?

Peter J. Higgins

Wingland Airfield