AIR POLLUTION: Who do we rely on for information?

I reply to Mr Dwek’s comments on the Lynn News website after the article in the Spalding Guardian on April 10.

I do not wish to enter into very long winded correspondence with him yet again.

I only ask a simple question:

Looking at the DEFRA website on April 4 which stated that emissions in this area were extremely high, in fact a very high 9 in the ‘RED’ (ten being the highest) this went on for several days and on occasions reaching ten.

Every TV weather report showed a pollution map and advised people in this area not to exercise outside and to use inhalers more often as pollution levels were at their highest.

I then looked at the South Holland District Council website at their air monitor readings from the Westmere County Primary School at Sutton Bridge for the same day.

This website stated that the emission were a low three, in the ‘GREEN’ and safe!!

My question is who do we rely on for correct information??

Mr Dwek does not live in our area so he may not have smelt or seen the yellow plume from the gas-fired power station at Sutton Bridge. However Mr. Dewk does own land at Wingland adjacent to the power station.

I thank Mr Dwek for his kind offer to donate £100 to my chosen charity should I reply to his letter.

I therefor would like to request he sends it to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn to help people suffering with breathing difficulties of which there are many in this low lying area.

Coun Jenny Rowe

Sutton Bridge