Agency needs to start caring for our river

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Thanks to Councillor Gambba-Jones for pointing out that the littered River Welland and its banks problem is not the responsibility of the South Holland District Council.

May I then ask that someone from the Environment Agency “puts on their thinking cap” and addresses the problem of litter in and around the river?

It is the responsibility of us all to respect our environment but clearly many do not.

It is not good enough to shrug one’s shoulders and see a problem and ignore it. It won’t just simply go away.

I would ask that the Environment Agency think seriously about starting an ongoing programme to care for the river and the problem of litter in the water and on the banks and respond to the letters printed in your newspaper recently, which have highlighted this problem.

May I also point out that Phillida Dawson’s “readers’ picture” of the river may, in this instance, show clean banks but does indeed show rubbish laying atop the water, along the water edge where rubbish and flotsam usually collects, and, sadly, is left.

Many thanks for printing our letters concerning this sad problem.

Patricia Davison

St Marks Road

Holbeach St Marks