After Jubilee and Olympics, don’t forget Christmas is in December

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Reassuring to note Spalding will now “take part” in the Olympic torch run festivities, even at this late hour, while villages and similar in the area have been making plans for some time.

I have to admit that the Olympic event itself seems to be overshadowed by the fact I know which fast food chains, assorted drinks, airlines and courier services are sponsoring it but have no clue about those in the running, leaping about etc.

I assume once this major merchandising event is over, the quid shops will be inundated with souvenirs for years/decades to come.

Bearing in mind the recent Jubilee non-event in the town (or as one wag put it: “There was only 60 years warning”) and it makes you wonder how many more events may slip through the net.

I have done some research and Christmas is being held in December again (you must remember Christmas as it was in most of the newspapers about the same time in December last year), unless there are any more Government U-turns.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End