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YOUR LETTERS: Hare coursing has gone up 100 per cent

The farming community read with disbelief the police figures saying that hare coursing incidents are down by 20 per cent.

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"The NHS and social system is at breaking point and the STP process could have offered a chance to deal with some of the problems facing the NHS."  Dr Peter Holden, BMA East Midlands Regional Chairman.

YOUR LETTERS: NHS can’t afford high cost of plans

A British Medical Association investigation into the cost of funding the NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) paints a very worrying picture, with at least £9.5 billionn needed in capital funding across the country to successfully deliver it.

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"Its time to stop the slashing, trashing and privatisation of our NHS."  Rodney Sadd of Spalding.

I understand the NHS in England is now embarking on another major organisational upheaval – implementing five-year ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’ covering all aspects of our NHS spending.

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This month is National Heart Month and the British Heart Foundation is calling on the local community to help us stop heart disease in its tracks.

YOUR LETTERS: Join the fight to beat heart disease

Heart disease is heartless.

Spalding town centre flooding.

YOUR LETTERS: Spalding isn’t at risk of flooding

What a dreadful headline: “Flood risk sends new ground floor soaring”.

YOUR VIEW: MP selective in his quotes, says letter writer Paul Walls.

YOUR VIEW: ‘MP selective in quotes from Edmund Burke’

MP John Hayes is, as ever, selective in his quotes from Edmund Burke, a radical Whig pragmatic politician and political sage. Burke, a democrat believing that ‘the people are the masters’ and ‘that people are the legislature’.

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Pennygate Foundation under fire from resident.

YOUR VIEW: Pennygate Foundation - two sides to the coin

I refer to your front page article in the Spalding Guardian of February 2. While I recognise that the Pennygate Foundation is a very good idea and the work it does is excellent, I must take Brenda Wickham to task when she says she does not understand about planning permission.

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The Pennygate Foundation

LETTER: Pennygate Foundation should not be here anyway

Further to your article in the Spalding Guardian last Thursday; I am a resident with my own home in Meadowgate Lane which is very close to the Pennygate Foundation and the windows at the back of my home overlook the rear of the business.

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Coun Malcolm Chandler

LETTER: Vital that ASB is reported

I was pleased to see the positive response to the pre-Christmas introduction of the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to replace the former Designated Place Protection Order in Spalding town centre.

John Hayes MP

LETTER: Let’s not sanitise our history

Now, now John, let’s not sanitise our history (MP’s column, Free Press, Jan 24 – ‘We have what it takes to succeed’).

A train passes through Spalding

LETTER: Spalding needs to fight for a better train service

As a frequent visitor to Spalding I find train services to south Lincolnshire are limited.

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John Hayes MP

LETTER: Government is not above the law

I was dismayed to read the article of our MP John Hayes in the Free Press of January 31 and his implicit criticism of the Supreme Court, describing it as “…a body conjured up by Tony Blair…”

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LETTER: District council has never listened

LETTER: District council has never listened

We have just seen your article concerning ‘Approval is recommended for Gosberton homes development’.

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Theresa May

LETTER: May has signed up to ‘poodle status’

Now that British Premier Theresa May has become the latest in a long line of her predecessors to sign us up to ‘poodle status’ regarding the trans-Atlantic relationship with America, it’s time to think a little more seriously about this lady.

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The unveiling of Joseph Hillier's Spalding Sculpture Trail
 last April

YOUR VIEW: Seven new sculptures in Spalding

It was most encouraging to read your columnist Guardian Angel’s paragraph about the “delightful little sculptures” in the last Spalding Guardian. As both the town centre features you enjoyed were the initiatives of the Civic Society, I think I can answer your queries.

Theresa May

YOUR VIEW: ‘America first’ not a new policy

The Prime Minister has said that ‘no deal’ would be better than a bad deal for a Britain leaving the EU

Sir Halley Stewart Field

YOUR VIEW: Anyone can hire field

With reference to a letter published in last week’s Spalding Guardian from Geoff Taylor of Spalding Forge headed: ‘Council should start asking’... I would like to draw attention to an inaccurate statement in said letter.

Mr Taylor asks, and I quote: “Why does the council support the football team at the Sir Halley Stewart Field to the tune of £50,000?”

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John Hayes MP

YOUR VIEW: Referendum definitely not needed

I agree entirely with John Hayes’ assertion that a second referendum on ‘Brexit’ is not only unnecessary, but it is an abuse of the original referendum, and very similar to the ones in Ireland, where they were insisted upon by the EU, until they got the result they wanted.

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Inspector Jo Reeves

YOUR VIEWS: Stop hiding behind Spalding street drinking ‘perception’

I understand a new scheme aimed at cracking down on street drinking and other anti-social behaviours in Spalding town centre has been launched.

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John Hayes MP

YOUR VIEW: We haven’t got a hope at all

John Hayes comments (in his MP’s column last week) on Andrew Haldane’s prophecy that exiting the EU would have a detrimental and immediate impact. He then goes on to state Haldane’s prediction was wholly inaccurate.

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