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Your Say

YOUR VIEW: ‘I am not in favour of Holbeach retail outlet near A17’

To make my position crystal clear, I am not in favour of a retail outlet for Holbeach near the A17, despite any impression given by reports in Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press.

Sprays are needed for vegetables, says D Hammond

YOUR LETTERS: Extra cost lies in waste

The recent TV programme ‘Eat Well For Less’ talked a lot of nonsense about flavour being one reason why organic vegetables cost a lot more than their farm-grown equivalent.

Pavanotti, AKA Jeff Woods

YOUR LETTERS: Pavanotti – ‘It’s been a pleasure’

During the last year or so, I have had the pleasure and privilege of performing, as Pavanotti, in many local churches, helping to raise around £3,000 in the process.

Paul Foyster

YOUR LETTERS: The EU is set to implode

By coincidence and by saving hard, I’ve visited the same three EU countries – Italy, Spain and France – for the last three years.

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YOUR LETTERS: Library book loan time reduced

From October 1 the standard loan period for books and talking books borrowed from Lincolnshire libraries and community hubs will be changing from four weeks to three.

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Byron Hahn

YOUR LETTERS: Put solar panels on new homes in South Holland

Some years ago, I wrote to suggest that, as part of planning consent, South Holland District Council should insist that every new residential home is fitted with solar panels.

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Angela Newton

YOUR LETTERS: Armed Forces Day success in Spalding

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the Armed Forces Day parade and collection such a success.

Nick Worth

YOUR LETTERS: Filter lane in Holbeach road is much needed

We all need a holiday at some point and, unfortunately mine, which happened to be booked many months ago, coincided with Holbeach Parish Council and its public debate on the market and Boston Road car park.

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YOUR LETTERS: Spalding needs smartening up

I’m saddened by how Spalding has changed.

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YOUR LETTERS: Where have Pinchbeck soldier’s war medals gone?

The war memorial in Pinchbeck unveiled in 1916 was closely followed by one in West Pinchbeck on July 28 in 1917.


YOUR LETTERS: Spalding road is very dangerous

I am writing concerning the speeding on the race track that is Halmer Gate.

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Bus Services Bill clause is too restrictive.

YOUR LETTERS: Clause will prevent councils from creating publicly-owned bus companies

I am writing to protest in the strongest terms with respect to the possible inclusion of clause 21 in the Bus Services Bill.

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A flower festival held earlier this year at St Paul's Church. SG270416-203TW

YOUR LETTERS: Spalding St Paul’s Church war memorial - boys have not been forgotten

Regarding the letter about the boy of Arnold on St Paul’s Church war memorial.

Pilgrim Hospital at Boston.

YOUR LETTERS: Brexit – the NHS relies on EU nurses

Two months have now passed since the decision was made that the UK will be leaving the European Union.

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Libary picture: Stalls on Boston Road car park earlier this year.

YOUR LETTERS: Everyone who has the future of Holbeach at heart should do their bit

I have been a resident of Holbeach for more than 25 years and I have no political affiliations, but I do care about my town.

Matthew Mahabadi and Rodney Sadd in Spalding ANL-150403-105916001

YOUR VIEW: We need a plan for Brexit

I hope our MPs have had a well-earned break during the summer recess after the turmoil that followed the referendum result.

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Paul Foyster

YOUR VIEW: Public opinion is very clear in Holbeach over market and car park entrance

The recent Holbeach public meeting regarding the market and car park entrances was the largest demonstration of opinion in our town that I’ve seen for years.

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MP John Hayes with Coun Gary Porter

YOUR LETTERS: Can Coun Porter explain honours system please?

In the Lincolnshire Free Press of Tuesday, August 9, the article covering David Cameron’s resignation honours list award of a CBE to John Hayes, Councillor Gary Porter is quoted as saying: “It’s obviously good news for South Holland when anyone from the area gets recognised and John Hayes follows in a (line of) distinguished people who have been honoured, including Lord Taylor of Holbeach and myself.”

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YOUR LETTERS: Let down over Fleet Hargate recycling collection

I have always respected our council for their help, but on Thursday afternoon (August 11) I phoned the office to inform them that about a dozen green bags had been collected and left outside a house where a disabled person lived. When I phoned I was told they should be picked up before 4pm.

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South Holland referendum result

REFERENDUM: No other country that I know of would accept such a narrow majority as binding

Ever since the outcome of the referendum was announced, I have been waiting with increasing anger and dismay for MPs of all persuasions to respond – preferably very loudly – to a number of points.

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