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Your Say

YOUR VIEW: Parish could carry out much of 10-point plan

Paul Foyster’s 10 point-plan for Holbeach (March 28 Free Press) is in the main the remit of the Parish Council of which he is a senior councillor. Seems like the ball is in his court...

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John Hayes MP

YOUR VIEW: Complaint against MP was unfounded

I was very surprised to read your article in which Deeping St Nicholas Parish Council claimed that our MP, John Hayes, had not attended a debate on hare coursing in Parliament on March 7.

Green Party candidate Martin Blake

YOUR VIEW: Services shake-up begs a number of questions

I read with interest the Spalding Guardian article on April 6 about the forthcoming service review at South Holland District Council (‘Council shake-up will see better services but also redundancies’). The article begs a number of questions:

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COUNTY ELECTIONS: It doesn’t have to be this way

With the Lincolnshire County County elections being only weeks away, the electorate will have a choice to make for the future of our services.

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YOUR VIEW: More problems with HGVs and grass verges

Iread with interest your recent article in the Spalding Guardian on HGVs and soft verges and thought that I would bring you up to date on recent events along Roman Bank in Saracen’s Head.

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YOUR VIEW: Arguments for washing out are compelling

I am writing in response to a letter from Pauline Kent (Free Press, March 28) “Why should we wash out containers?”

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YOUR LETTERS: Where is the dog warden?

Open letter to any councillor on South Holland District Council.

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Gavin Allmand

YOUR VIEW: Silence from SHDC is deafening

The last two weeks have seen Spalding shopkeepers raise serious concerns about the commitment of our council to our town centre.

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Fly tipping in Farrow Avenue, Holbeach

FLY TIPPING: I have never seen this drain so disgusting

Hooray for Mervin Roberts! (Letter: ‘There is no excuse for this fly tipping’ – Free Press, April 4).

Rubbish in archway ,The Crescent Spalding

YOUR VIEW: Rubbish bags are a complete eyesore

I wonder if you could put a photograph of the pile of black rubbish bags in the archway near your Spalding office.

The Bull Hotel, Long Sutton

YOUR VIEW: Don’t blame the planners this time

Everyone seems to have someone to blame for the Bull Hotel site development not starting in Long Sutton – the parish council, the planning department restrictions or the fact that it is a listed building.

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Planning applications

YOUR VIEW: Store and cafe is something we desperately need here

Regarding the story in last week’s Spalding Guardian about a store and cafe in West Pinchbeck, I think it’s a wonderful idea.

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Fly tipping in Farrow Avenue, Holbeach

YOUR VIEW: There is no excuse for this rubbish

I thought I must bring this fly tipping in Farrow Avenue, Holbeach, to the attention of local residents, who I feel must be the culprits.


YOUR VIEW: Call ‘almost’ certainly a fraud’

I received a telephone call on Tuesday morning claiming to be from the Telephone Preference Service, with whom I registered many years ago.

Spalding town centre

YOUR VIEW: Don’t just let Spalding town centre rot

I read with interest your report in the Free Press (March 28) about South Holland District Council hoisting the white flag for the proposed expansion for Springfields Shopping Outlet.

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Ballot box

YOUR VIEWS: Time to elect some real opposition

The upcoming Lincolnshire County Council elections are our only opportunity to get some real opposition to these Tory cuts.

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Holbeach news.

YOUR VIEWS: Embrace all potential developments

I read with interest Paul Foyster’s comments on what Holbeach could do with.

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The proposed new McDonald's site.

YOUR VIEWS: McDonald’s could be more proactive

You wanted views on the proposal to build a new McDonald’s at the Sutterton roundabout.

Holbeach news.

YOUR VIEWS: Councillor’s ten-point plan for Holbeach survival

There is a heated debate in Holbeach just now about how to rescue our town.

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YOUR VIEWS: Why should we wash out containers when council tax has risen?

I have just read the article in the Spring 2017 edition of Lincolnshire County Council’s County News about washing out all containers.

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