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Your Say

A16: A real lack of common sense

Regarding average speed cameras on the A16, I have not lived in the area for long, but I find that driving habits are, on the whole, shocking.

Paul Foyster

YOUR VIEW: Influx would be bad news for Holbeach

I would like to respond to the letter from Trevor Negus in last week’s Spalding Guardian regarding the proposed new housing developments in Holbeach.

Reader Keith Quarm says floods are not the norm in Spalding

YOUR VIEW: Furious at Spalding flood rating

I have been involved in a drawn-out complaint with the Environment Agency since it unilaterally increased the flood-risk of properties in Spalding using a computer model.

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Holbeach Market in its present location

YOUR VIEW: Time to start listening to Holbeach folk

Thank you for including my comments about Holbeach market in your article on November 22.

Undercover photographs supplied by animal welfare charity Viva! of Rowbottom Farm in Surfleet.

YOUR LETTERS: I was disgusted by trespassing

I think it is disgusting that Viva! staff think they have the right to trespass on people’s private land, which is a civil offence, if not a criminal one.

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Sainsbury's Petrol Station in May 2011 with then deputy store manager Adrian Webb and petrol filling station manager James Sanford.  Photo by Tim Wilson.  SG200511-41TW. ENGANL00120110520182241

YOUR LETTERS: Petrol prices - Penalised for living rurally

I would like to comment on Angel’s piece in the Spalding Guardian regarding petrol prices at Sainsbury’s in Spalding.

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Littlebury Medical Centre, Holbeach.  Photo by Tim Wilson.  SG171213-117TW.

YOUR LETTERS: Holbeach - Say no to these developments

With all the new housing being built in Holbeach, can we assume that all the people buying or renting these properties will be checked to ensure they are healthy?

Crowland county councillor Nigel Pepper, Pauline McFadden, Coun Peter Bird, John Parnell, Tina Croxford, Cybil Speechley, David Searle.  Photo by Michael Fysh.

YOUR LETTERS: Look at what you’re getting in Holbeach

So the town of Holbeach is to see a population growth of around 5,000 people in the coming years (Lincolnshire Free Press, November 15).

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Dr Charles Lennon.

YOUR LETTERS: Spalding GP was such a caring man

I was shocked to see the front-page headline in last week’s Spalding Guardian regarding the sudden death of Dr (Charles) Lennon.

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RNLI Spalding Branch's annual race night raised more than �1,000 for the charity popularly known as Lifeboats.  Photo by Eddie Mitchell.

YOUR LETTERS: Fundraising nights are vital to RNLI

On Friday, November 11, the Spalding branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution held its annual race night.

Holbeach town centre.

YOUR LETTERS: Investment is needed in Holbeach

In response to the article in this week’s Free Press regarding the growth of Holbeach, I would like to say that I am all for the regeneration of the town.

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Our reader couldn't find a parking space at McDonald's.

Your letters: Spalding needs more parking

On Saturday, my friend and I went to McDonald’s in Spalding.

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US president elect Donald Trump

YOUR LETTERS: Reluctantly agree with John Hayes that we have to work with Trump

I have to reluctantly agree with John Hayes when saying we have to work with Donald Trump.

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YOUR VIEW: Not impressed by changes at Spalding McDonald’s

I write regarding the refurbishment of the Holbeach Road branch of McDonald’s.

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YOUR VIEW: We endorse CLA advice on sky lanterns

We wholeheartedly endorse the Country Land and Business Association’s advice regarding dangerous sky lanterns.

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John Ward's broadband problems

YOUR VIEW: We also have broadband problems

We have had the same problem with broadband as John (Ward’s World, October 13).

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YOUR VIEW:Searching for musical tales

I have an idea for writing a nostalgic book that concerns dance bands and groups and venues from the mid 1950s through to the early 1970s.

Rodney Sadd

YOUR VIEW: It’s gone quiet ‘Better Spalding’ on initiative

I often wonder what happened to the initiative for a better Spalding? Over the years local government have talked about a new multi-purpose sports facility, the big idea programme, a better market place facility and overall a better Spalding. It has all gone very quiet.

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Spalding bus station

YOUR VIEW: Spalding bus station needs a zebra crossing

I have to use the bus station in Spalding on a regular basis to catch a bus.

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YOUR VIEW: Spalding broadband drop outs are driving us mad

We here in Spalding are suffering the same frustration as your columnist John Ward. Using the same exchange (Holbeach) as John, may be the reason. We suffer from connection drop outs on a regular basis, almost daily.

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