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YOUR VIEWS: I’m not on planning committee and didn’t have a vote

The article printed on page 3 last week had several factual inaccuracies, particularly the bottom section, headed: ‘Council vote risks cash loss’.

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Rev John Bennett

YOUR VIEWS: Please say ‘yes’ to town council consultation

South Holland District Council has launched a two-week consultation on whether to look at setting up a town council for Spalding.

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YOUR VIEW: Why are they trying to kill Spalding?

Having seen that plans are afoot to expand Springfields Outlet Centre because of the lack of retail space in the town, I wonder which town our councillors actually live in. It can’t be Spalding.

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YOUR VIEWS: Parialmentary democracy matters

Andrew Livesy (Free Press, February 28) supports John Hayes’ earlier criticism (Free Press, January 31) of the successful legal case brought by Gina Miller and others, including me (as I helped crowdfund the ‘People’s Challenge’, heard concurrently in the High Court).

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YOUR VIEWS: Be careful what you wish for

In responding to Anita Toal’s letter, Andrew Livesey (Free Press, February 28) shows himself to be not much concerned with facts.

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John Hayes MP

YOUR LETTERS: Should we overturn people’s wishes?

I’m delighted that Paul Walls (Free Press, February 14) is so keenly interested in the 18th century statesman Edmund Burke – one of my political 
heroes. So I want, in response, to explain Burke’s legacy.

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Fly tipping at the Peartree Hill pumping station at Whaplode Drove

YOUR LETTERS: No-one cares about the countryside

Why, oh why, do people dump rubbish like this when the recycling centre is open?

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Eddy Poll

YOUR LETTERS: At some point defences will be over-topped

The last time Richard Fairman commented in your pages about how he had reduced the flood risk in our area, I let it pass. But not this time. Because so much of the east coast of Lincolnshire is at or below sea level and on most days of the year there are two high tides, the tidal flood risk is twice a day.

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YOUR LETTERS: The decision to leave EU had been made already

Anita Toal’s letter (Free Press, February 7) seemed to miss the mark on several points.

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Another accident on the A16 near Crowland

LETTER: Surely Crowland junctions as dangerous as Peppermint?

After reading your article in the Free Press on Tuesday concerning the A17/A151 Peppermint Junction at Holbeach, it is very interesting that Lincolnshire County Council believe a roundabout will offer “significant safety improvements”.

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YOUR VIEW: An open letter to MP John Hayes about flooding

You may be wondering why I am writing to you about flooding in Spalding when I live 100 miles to the south. Spalding is my hometown and although I left in 1960, I have always kept in touch, have family there and visit regularly.

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Richard Fairman

LETTER: Environment Agency has cried wolf too many times

The Environment Agency have irresponsibly issued a map, published in the Spalding Guardian, showing us all to be at serious risk of flooding.

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LETTER: Ways to address home ownership problems

LETTER: Ways to address home ownership problems

I became politically aware in the mid 1950s and every year since then there has been a continuing housing crisis. The recent White Paper on the housing crisis is a regurgitation of potential solutions that have been tried in the past with at best limited success.

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Andrew Bowell

LETTERS: You cannot elect Conservatives AND expect more police officers

I read with interest the article in the Lincolnshire Free Press of February 14 stating that Crowland Parish Council want more police on the streets of the town to tackle anti-social behaviour.

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Hare coursing news.

YOUR LETTERS: Hare coursing has gone up 100 per cent

The farming community read with disbelief the police figures saying that hare coursing incidents are down by 20 per cent.

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"The NHS and social system is at breaking point and the STP process could have offered a chance to deal with some of the problems facing the NHS."  Dr Peter Holden, BMA East Midlands Regional Chairman.

YOUR LETTERS: NHS can’t afford high cost of plans

A British Medical Association investigation into the cost of funding the NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) paints a very worrying picture, with at least £9.5 billionn needed in capital funding across the country to successfully deliver it.

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"Its time to stop the slashing, trashing and privatisation of our NHS."  Rodney Sadd of Spalding.

I understand the NHS in England is now embarking on another major organisational upheaval – implementing five-year ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’ covering all aspects of our NHS spending.

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This month is National Heart Month and the British Heart Foundation is calling on the local community to help us stop heart disease in its tracks.

YOUR LETTERS: Join the fight to beat heart disease

Heart disease is heartless.

Spalding town centre flooding.

YOUR LETTERS: Spalding isn’t at risk of flooding

What a dreadful headline: “Flood risk sends new ground floor soaring”.

YOUR VIEW: MP selective in his quotes, says letter writer Paul Walls.

YOUR VIEW: ‘MP selective in quotes from Edmund Burke’

MP John Hayes is, as ever, selective in his quotes from Edmund Burke, a radical Whig pragmatic politician and political sage. Burke, a democrat believing that ‘the people are the masters’ and ‘that people are the legislature’.

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