Your letters: Well done on grand effort

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I would like to thank Mel and Colin Carpenter, Pete Wright and Kevin Pritchard for their generous help throughout the fundraising weekend for the Smile Charity.

Thanks to Anne Stevens, Tracey Clarkson and Pat Baxter for their work in the kitchen, supplying tea and coffee; Jason Waltham and Stacey Dickenson for keeping the beer flowing and Spalding Lions and The Ship at Pinchbeck for their very kind donations.

Also thanks to the two football teams, Pinchbeck United Juniors and Boston United Juniors, the veterans of Pinchbeck United Reserves for their kind donations and last of all and by no means least Pinchbeck United Football Club for allowing us to host the weekend at their club.

Once again, thank you to everyone who put all their time into making it a very successful weekend, raising £1,050.

Nigel Stevens