YOUR LETTERS: Marina plans are beyond a joke

The site of the proposed marina at Sutton Bridge.
The site of the proposed marina at Sutton Bridge.
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I write regarding the story “Are marina plans sailing to success?” in last week’s Spalding Guardian.

This is a rather unfortunate headline. The saga behind this project is nothing short of a shambles.

It has taken years to get to this stage – and that is – an application for planning permission. It is beyond a joke.

The potential waste of public money is breathtaking.

I take particular issue with the quote: “But the county council still insists the marina will boost the village economy.”

At no time in the past has anyone been able or willing to put any meaningful figures to that claim.

I hope that the planning committee asks the question and, more importantly, gets an answer before ‘nodding it through’.

What evidence does the county council have to assert that “this development will attract tourists and visitors into Sutton Bridge and act as a catalyst for private investment into improved facilities developed to respond to opportunity”?

They are nothing more than the typical buzz words designed to sound good, but have absolutely no substance.

While living in and loving Sutton Bridge, I am at a loss as to see why tourists would want to visit, any more than they do at present.

And what private investment? The Bridge Hotel is destined for demolition, so what potential investment opportunities are there?

Furthermore, it is highly likely that boats currently moored in Wisbech will merely move to Sutton Bridge to be closer to the open sea, and avoid the run from Wisbech and the wait for the bridge to be opened.

Chris Brandon-King

Sutton Bridge