Your letters: Disruption is not fair close to our homes

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Things have gone very quiet in Sutton Bridge about the wood burning incinerator that we are supposed to call a gasifier.

I don’t know why it has not come up at a planning meeting.

It may be that the parent company of PREL have seen their share price plummet or, hopefully , following the coverage about the pollution, inefficiency and waste in other parts of Britain it is dawning on the powers that be that this is a non sustainable and offensive method of

generating electricity.

It has been impossible to get answers to questions so maybe I am misinformed about a Canadian company building a wood burning incinerator here as a means to dispose of their waste wood pellets. Maybe even a looming general election has something to do with it.

Concerning Sutton Bridge, though. At a South Holland planning meeting I attended there seemed to be a closing of ranks and complacent shrugs. Coincidentally the generators here affect a relatively small part of Lincolnshire as the Sutton Bridge area is bordered by Cambridge, Norfolk and the Wash.

The thing that really astounds me is the crass but oft prated argument that it is better to put all the things no one wants in one place. That way fewer people are inconvenienced.

No one wants electricity generated at the end of their road, noise, traffic and pollution where their children go to school and their elderly relatives live but if generators are spread out in a sensible way residents can cope.

Disruption from one is manageable, not good, not easy, but manageable.

Sutton Bridge currently has an electricity generator, wind farm, sub station and DONG link from the Wash.

Hands up those who think two more, the larger generator and the gasifier, is fair and reasonable, and please put them down if you just want them not to be in your back yard.

J Ansell

Sutton Bridge