Your letters: Castle Sports Complex - town deserves better

A football changing room at the Castle Sports Complex.
A football changing room at the Castle Sports Complex.
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Regarding Castle Sports Complex in Spalding, surely the argument should not be whether or not the picture of inadequate changing facilities was taken, but the fact that the picture and evidence of such shoddy facilities was taken at all?

What is the point in spending £48,000 on a report by consultants to conclude that the current facilities are under par?

For £500, you could have stood at the steps of the swimming pool, asked 100 people and got exactly the same result.

You do not need to be Poirot to realise that the current facilities are inadequate and outdated.

Put simply, the people of Spalding deserve better, as do the staff who work there.

Improved facilities would attract more custom and could be negated by slightly higher membership fees or entry fees.

Were this to be coupled with state-of-the-art technology or renewable sources to heat the pool and running costs should be significantly reduced.

I would also add that employing consultants was even more ridiculous given that council members have previously stated that “there is no chance of anything happening at the town pool”.

So that means they just wasted £48,000 to answer a question they already knew the outcome of.

The people of Spalding only continue to use the facilities because they have little choice of going elsewhere.

Why is it that the respective ward councillor or town centre manager are not more vocal about the need for improved facilities?

Surely this falls within their remit and, acting on behalf of the people of South Holland, is this not what they should be pushing for?

James Le Sage

via email