Youngsters ready to fight for skate park

Youngsters in Holbeach meet with Coun Nick Worth about their plans for a new skate park in the town.
Youngsters in Holbeach meet with Coun Nick Worth about their plans for a new skate park in the town.

Holbeach Parish Council will have an unusually youthful presence at its meeting on Monday as the fight for a new skate park gathers pace.

Several youngsters are preparing to make their case for an area in the town where they can fine-tune their BMX, scootering and skateboarding skills without coming under suspicion of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

A renewed effort by youngsters and their parents to have a skate park built in Holbeach was reported in the Spalding Guardian three weeks ago and it has now emerged that several sites in the town are being considered.

Cameron Rickerby (14), one of the youngsters hoping to be at Monday’s council meeting, said: “About two years ago, we started a move for a new skate park in Holbeach and we had a fundraising event at The Bull Inn, Fleet Hargate, which raised about £1,500.

“The skate park will keep young people out of trouble and give them something to focus on because, at the moment, there’s nothing to do in Holbeach except the youth club.

“We appreciate Holbeach as much as anyone else and it’s not really fair that we get tarred with a brush that paints us as being bad people just because we’re seen on BMX bikes which is seen as being an extreme, radical sport.”

Another youngster, Darren Hoole (14), said: “It’s very important for the parish council to trust us as they will be more up for giving us some money if we can prove to them that we have ideas for the skate park.

“We could do voluntary work around the town to prove to the community that we want to clean up Holbeach as much as them.

“We take pride in our bikes and we want people to take pride in the skate park as well.”

The youngsters are being supported in their campaign for a skate park by Holbeach county councillor Nick Worth who said: “They have been on at me about it for the best part of 18 months and we did get a specialist company in to draw up some different designs.

“It was the same company which was behind the skate park in Spalding but the designs were quite ambitious, so what we’re coming up with now is a sensible solution by starting small but putting something in straight away.

“If we can get something in place for the summer holidays that can be used to generate more interest, it could lead to more money being generated as well.”

The proposed skate park has also won support from the Vicar of Holbeach, Rev Rosamund Seal, who said: “I think this is an excellent idea and perhaps we should involve the young people in the design of it to give them some ownership of the project.”