Wife gets 100 hours unpaid work for hammer attack on cheating hubby

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A woman who hit her cheating husband twice on the head with a hammer at their home has been told to do 100 hours unpaid work.

Lorna Abbott left her husband David with two cuts on the crown of his head after the attack at their home in 
Whaplode St Catherine on October 13.

Abbott (57), of Cranesgate South, had previously admitted assaulting her husband by beating him and was sentenced by Spalding magistrates on Thursday.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said the assault took place in the early hours of the morning when Mr Abbott was asleep before his wife tried to wake him in a drunken rage.

The couple had been married for 39 years and Abbott found out about the affair six months ago.

Mr Clare said: “Mr Abbott had been having an extra-marital affair for three years and had moved out of the marital home for a period of time.

“But he felt his wife wasn’t coping well with him being out of their home and he moved back in with her.

“Despite this, the affair recommenced again and came to a head during the incident.”

Mr Clare said Abbott called her husband’s mistress on the night of the attack to tell her what she planned to do.

He added: “The mistress made her way to the house where Abbott had been drinking and when she arrived, Abbott was on her mobile phone talking to the police.

“She then cut off the phone call, went upstairs and shouted at Mr Abbott ‘You’ve got to get out.’

“The mistress went upstairs after Abbott out of concern for what was going to happen and saw Mr Abbott in bed under the duvet.

“Abbott was pushing her husband with both hands, but Mr Abbott appeared to be asleep until he moved his arms to try and brush his wife away.

“She then raised her hands above her head and struck Mr Abbott twice on the head, shouting ‘Get out, you *******, get out.”

Mr Clare said Mr Abbott was left in some pain but had no “lasting damage” to his skull and didn’t support any prosecution against his wife.

“Mr Abbott told police he didn’t agree with what his wife did, but it was alcohol-fuelled and he shouldn’t have given her any drink earlier that evening,” Mr Clare said.

Rachel Stevens, mitigating, said: “Abbott has been a victim of certain behaviour herself over a long period of time and while she doesn’t seek to condone the actions she took on that day, she feels it’s better to move on.”

Abbott was ordered to pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.