When you just can’t let go of all that stuff

JOHN CLOW: 'I don't see any sense in it.'
JOHN CLOW: 'I don't see any sense in it.'
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We’re a nation of hoarders and almost one in four of us has a spare bedroom stuffed full of unused goods.

According to The British Heart Foundation (BHF), more than 80 per cent of us stash away as many as 30 unwanted household items worth an average £446.

The charity is urging us all to de-clutter and donate our unused goods to them to benefit heart patients.

Research shows it help us too because 12 per cent of us feel stressed by having too much stuff – and almost one in ten people avoids having friends round because they’re embarrassed to let them see the clutter.

Wendy Hook (48), from Little London, says: “I collect jugs and vases from the 20s and 30s, and I have got over 1,000 of them.

“I have got lots of general clutter and I also have a massive collection of shower gels and soaps because I go and buy some and can’t find it when I need it!”

Young mum Lucy Woodthorpe, from Spalding, said: “I have just moved house and we have de-cluttered.”

She said the family’s previous clutter mountain was mostly made up of clothes and toys.

Roz Smith, from Weston Hills, said: “I have a lot of electrical items – you tend to use it once and put it away – things like toasters and George Foreman grills.”

Roz says giving the goods to charity sounds like a good move.

Shelly Andrew (38), from Spalding, said her particular clutter collection is made up of just one thing – clothing.

She said: “I hate throwing clothes out because I may wear them again for fancy dress or they may come back into fashion – but I do think it is a good idea to take them to a charity shop to recycle them.”

Crowland man John Clow (70) told us: “No, I don’t have any clutter in the house because I don’t see any sense in it.”

John has won his fair share of dominoes trophies but sells them on to a collectables dealer on Spalding Market.

He said: “If someone breaks into my house I haven’t got anything for them to pinch.”

BHF volunteer Lisa Cato (46) admits she’s a hoarder, but that’s because she keeps on buying bargains from the charity’s Spalding shop.

Lisa said: “I love fabrics, ribbons and buttons – I don’t do anything with them but I can’t part with them. I do display a lot of it, like silk scarves.”

• The top three items on our hoarding list are Now CDs, bread makers and lava lamps. You can call BHF on 0800 915 3000 to arrange collections for items from bags of clothes to sofas.