What Crowland abbey means to people

The building that inspired the arts project: Crowland Abbey.
The building that inspired the arts project: Crowland Abbey.
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People chuckled good humouredly as they watched the preview of the film made by artist Steven Hatton at Crowland Abbey.

They recognised the voices of some of their fellow Crowland residents, their voices used as an audio soundtrack to the film.

The work itself consists of different images being overlaid on to something resembling a picture frame – the empty space where a window once filled the west front of the now ruined nave of Crowland Abbey.

Steven said: “If you go back in history, glassmakers would have been working within the constraints of a shape and telling religious stories.

“I thought, what if we take that shape and tell the story of the abbey and what it means to the people of Crowland?”

The soundtrack included religious phrases and prayers, the voice of the Rev Charles Brown, and those of the people of Crowland who contributed to the arts project.

The film finished with images of the contributors, one of the best parts of the film for me.

The film is just seven or eight minutes long and will hopefully be a permanent part of the abbey in future.