Weather vane help needed

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CHURCH-GOERS in Weston Hills are appealing for help to find a suitable weather vane for the top of the church tower.

Wyn James, member of the parochial church council, has offered to buy the vane in memory of her husband who died last year.

She and fellow members of the small congregation came up with the idea of a weather vane after wracking their brains for something to top the tower to act as a landmark for people looking for the church, which is set back from the road and hidden from view.

Mrs James said: “We originally thought of putting a flag up but it would need to be replaced regularly and we were worried it could cause more damage to the tower, which is already in need of repair, when it got blown about.

“We decided on a weather vane but the only one we can find which we feel is appropriate is on the internet and comes from America.

“We would like to buy something more locally if possible.”

The design they like is of Archangel Gabriel blowing a trumpet.

Anyone who can help can contact her on 01406 380126.