‘We just want to get together and enjoy our modified cars’

Modified car enthusiasts at their last meeting in Spalding.
Modified car enthusiasts at their last meeting in Spalding.
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MODIFIED car drivers will be back in Spalding – but this time they would like the public’s help to avoid sparking any upset.

They are looking at a date in October for a short meeting followed by a cruise out of town – and are hoping for a repeat of last month’s event at a location away from the residential area.

More than 450 cars rolled into town on a Saturday, August 18, after news of a “Spalding Takeover” spread on the social media site Facebook.

Convoys from around the country descended on Holland Market car park, fuelling concern from residents and letters to the Lincolnshire Free Press complaining about the mess they left, noise from “screeching of tyres, blowing of horns and revving of engines” and the police response to the event.

Street Cruisers organiser Daniel (19), of Spalding, said he was as surprised as anyone about the number of people who turned up.

He said: “We thought it would be just a small meeting, but when I saw Sainsbury’s car park I thought ‘wow – we’ve filled it’.

“But that being said it was a really good event. We had all ages come and lots of families looking at the cars and children wanting to sit in them.

“There really wasn’t a lot of noise or trouble – certainly nowhere near the amount at the flower or pumpkin festivals or the fair.

“We are not boy racers – we just enjoy meeting and looking at each other’s cars. But we are sorry about the mess.

“The meet put Spalding on the map and brought a lot of business to the town. Sainsburys, McDonald’s and the petrol stations were heaving.

“Now we’d like someone to come up with a suggestion where we can meet in the future – a disused airfield or maybe a road that can be cordoned off.”

Police records show there were five calls on the night of the meeting – one from Sainsburys saying the cars had arrived, one from a member of public saying there were a lot in town, one after 10pm when some of them moved to Morrisons and two between 1am and 1.30pm from Surfleet, complaining about noise from “boy racers”.

Sgt Stuart Hurst said: “We only had a tip-off about the meeting on the Thursday, but we were in negotiations with the organisers from then.

“Did we want it? No. Could we have stopped it? No, because it was on private land.

“But it was policed and, by and large, the drivers engaged in lawful activity. Anyone making a noise was told to stop and any motoring offences were dealt with – there were no incidents of drink-driving, and no criminal or drugs offences.

“However, if any more events are held they must be done properly, with permission from landowners and the correct event insurance in place.”