Warning to cat owners over toxic lily plants

Bert with owner Georgie and son Louis
Bert with owner Georgie and son Louis
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A local cat owner wants to warn others about the dangers of lily plants in gardens, after her own cat became ill having ingested pollen from one.

Georgie Clarke’s two year old cat, Bert, was critically ill, and being cared, for at Alder Veterinary Practice in Spalding, after he rubbed up against a lily, which left pollen on his fur which, it is thought, he then licked off.

Bert, who was allowed to go home last Thursday, was suffering with acute kidney failure and had been on a drip constantly and fed by a syringe for nearly two weeks because he was so weak.

Georgie said: “I would hate for this to happen to anyone else – it has been one of the hardest things to witness.

“I feel that there should be a label on every lily when purchased from a market or a florists to say how toxic these plants are because people just don’t realise.

“It isn’t that the plants cause your cat to be under the weather, it can result in their death.”

Cat’s Protection say that many types of lilies are very toxic for cats, including Easter lilies, tiger lilies and rubrum lilies as well as some species of day lily.

A spokesman said: “All parts of the lily plant are considered toxic to cats and consuming even small amounts can cause severe poisoning.

“If you see a cat eating lilies, contact a veterinarian immediately.

“If emergency treatment is begun within six hours of consumption, then the chances are good that the cat will recover.”