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A Donington father is calling for parents to be extra vigilant after his daughter arrived home from school and told him there had been an attempt to lure her 12-year-old friend into a car.

Terry Davis said: “She just came in and said she wasn’t going to Spalding again because of what happened to her friend when she went to the fair on Friday night.

“Her friend had said she had noticed a car pulling up alongside her and then the man asked ‘what’s your name?’

“She said ‘I’m not allowed to talk to strangers’ and then he became agitated and demanded she get in the car.

“The girl ran off and banged on someone’s door crying ‘please help me’– and twice the door was shut in her face and the person told her to go away. Can you believe that?”

Police are investigating the claims as “a suspicious incident” but hearing his daughter’s account brought memories flooding back of a similar occurrence involving his eldest daughter, now 26, 12 years ago.

Mr Davis said: “This has brought it all back to me. The man had offered my daughter a lift in Norfolk Road in Donington and I chased him.

“It made me frantic with worry then and I took time off work to see her safely to school the next day.

“I can’t believe after all these years things like this are still happening.”

Police are investigating the claims as a “suspicious incident”, where a man made a comment towards a 12-year-old girl, offering her a lift.

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Ins Jim Tyner said officers carried out an immediate search of the area but did not find the man involved.

He said: “I’m really pleased that the girl involved had the sense to run away.

“Unfortunately, the only description we have is that he was driving a black car.”

Martyn Taylor, headteacher of the Thomas Cowley High School in Donington where the 12-year-old is a pupil, said: “Obviously we urge all students to take care when they are out and about – especially when they are on their own.

“We live in a world where it is important to learn to assess risk especially when encountering strangers in cars.”

Investigations are ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting incident 101 of October 25.