Walking dead come out in Donington for Halloween

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Hollywood’s love of zombies has brought horrors from the grave out in Donington today for Halloween.

It seems the town has really got into the spirit of things, with staff at local shops dressed to kill and windows full of scary stuff.

Gary Parkinson, of Parky’s Pranks, said it’s all down to the latest Hollywood films such as World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, and the TV zombie series Walking Dead.

He said: “Everything’s been zombiefied and it’s not surprising when there’s been 54 zombie films released this year.

“Really young children still like witches but the adults are looking for zombie costumes and anything blood-related.

“But that being said I’ve got someone coming from Skegness to pick up a top hat to go to a Halloween event in Whitby.

“There seems to be a lot more adult parties this year but I’m planning to stay open a bit late and there will be sweets and scary stuff going on here for the local children who are out trick or treating.”

Staff at the Vanity Fayre hair salon corner were wielding their scissors while dripping in blood in their zombie costumes, but it wasn’t putting the customers off.

Owner Nicky Burdell said: “It’s just a bit of fun really. We’re certainly getting a few looks through the window.”

Customer Ralph Botterill wasn’t planning to make a run for it. He said: “I thought I was just coming to get my hair cut and wasn’t expecting the entertainment. It certainly adds new dimensions to a visit to a salon. But I don’t think I’ll be having any nightmares.”