Van Persie saves the day

News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
News from the Lincs Free Press and Spalding Guardian,, @LincsFreePress on Twitter
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The Spalding Guardian editor loves his daily fix of a certain fizzy drink.

The particular brand he drinks has been celebrating the World Cup by featuring star players on its bottles... causing the editor some concern.

He has avoided Jack Wilshire’s face as he thinks the Arsenal star is overrated, he wouldn’t drink a bottle with Fernando Torres’s mug on as he think the Spaniard is past his best.

That left only David Luis, but he was awful in Brazil’s thrashing by Germany on Tuesday evening.

Thankfully Holland’s Robin Van Persie was lurking at the back of the drinks counter. At the time of going to press, he seemed the best choice!

* Talking of the World Cup, Angel must tell a small tale about her Brazilian friend. Before the tournament started she was against the whole competition for well-publicised moral and political reasons.

Once her countrymen beat Columbia to move into the semi-finals, she became an avid supporter... but on Wednesday morning she was once again opposed to it.

* What a wonderful time of the year this is for schoolchildren of all ages.

Angel’s nieces and nephew attend three different schools in South Holland but all were doing something fun this week, with 12-year-old nephew having sports day and nine-year-old nieces enjoying a music day and a trip to London respectively. How lucky.

* It must be tough for the teachers on some of these trips, though, keeping the children amused on long coach journies.

But one friend of Angel’s who teaches at a local primary school obviously has the knack of making sure the kids in his charge stay happy – Angel saw him coming out of a shop armed with bags of sweets the evening before a trip this week!

* Angel was unlucky enough to be caught out on a walk during Tuesday evening’s torrential downpour but as a result was treated to a wonderful sight – a new waterfall in Spalding. Rain water was rushing off Double Street and down the steps into the river at such speed it formed a fabulous waterfall.

* Many of us have been caught out by bank card crime, and Angel is no exception. In the last few weeks her card details were captured at a cash dispenser in Spalding, but fortunately the bank spotted unusual activity on the account and stopped the card before any money was taken. However, it has made Angel ultra careful at cash dispensers, so you can image her intrigue when passing the Halifax recently to see a chap withdrawing cash – his female companion’s hand firmly gripping his neck. It was probably a loving gesture, but did look a little like coercion under threat of punishment.