UPDATE: Circling plane is NATO

Monday, 12.50pm: A MYSTERIOUS plane which has been circling the sky above South Holland this morning has been confirmed as NATO.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman says the E-3 AWACS has been completing a standard training exercise over the midlands.

He said the aircraft had travelled from Belgium and had been maintaining a standard orbit.

Monday, 11.30am: A PLANE which has been circling the sky above South Holland is understood to be a military aircraft.

A number of readers have been calling in to find out what the plane might be since it was first spotted circling the area several hours ago.

Fran Healands, of Station Road, Surfleet, said she has been watching the “very large” plane all morning.

She said: “I can not get my binoculars to stay still enough to see what it is and it’s just that little bit too high.”

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority said they understand the aircraft belongs to the military.