UK-side holidays offer unlimited freedom

Children love the freedom of UK camping and caravanning holidays.
Children love the freedom of UK camping and caravanning holidays.

More and more people are going for year-round short breaks enjoying what beautiful Britain has to offer as bargain flights overseas have taken off into cloud cuckoo land.

Package summer beach holidays in resorts abroad are no longer cheap and have become less cheerful as holidaymakers chafe at the restrictions they impose.

But you can fit in three or four shorter flexible holidays self-catering in the UK - particularly if there are a lot of you, and even more so if you’re in a caravan or tent - for the price you’d pay for an all-in package abroad once a year.

Just identify what you want out of your holidays and Britain gives you the freedom to follow your own personal requirements.

Several children and not a lot of spare cash?

Try renting a caravan at Skegness or Hunstanton to keep travel costs down and go cycling or walking, exploring castles, mills and museums on days when the weather makes the beach less appealing.

Or go further afieldto Hadrian’s Wall, York, Lincoln, the Lakes to getthe kids excited about their country’s history.

The great thing about UK holidays is you can tailor them to your own requirements and everything is manageable and close to hand.