TV cleaner in search of treasure at Langtoft firm

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TV cleaner Aggie MacKenzie has been searching through hoards of junk in South Lincolnshire in search of treasure.

SureStore Self Storage, of Langtoft, was filmed for ITV’s Storage Hoarders after the company asked customers if they would like to be featured in the programme.

SureStore is a secure storage facility, located on King Street Industrial Estate, offering domestic and commercial self storage .

Helen Linford, marketing executive, said: “We were contacted by the programme to see if any of our customers might be interested in taking part.

“One of our customers said they would so we are really excited about being filmed.

“We don’t know yet whether they found any hidden treasure, but we are hoping so.”

This will be the second series of Storage Hoarders, featuring Aggie MacKenzie who meets people who are still clinging onto things they never see or use.

Alongside a team of antique experts, she helps people go on a clutter-busting journey to seek out hidden treasures in locked up storage units, garages and even the odd garden shed.

In each episode they’ll be challenged to sort through their stuff and say goodbye to the things with no value.

Experts Tom Keane, Paul Hayes, Perry Field and Tracy Martin will help seek out any hidden gems and turn their forgotten collectibles into hard cash at the auction.

Along the way Aggie will explore the emotional reasons why people struggle to let go of the past. The series began this week and will feature SureStore Self Storage on Wednesday, August 28, at 2pm.